Why can’t I find my account? Why can’t I login?
It’s possible your account was deleted.
To see if your account has been deleted, copy the following URL address and paste it into your browser address bar:
(Make sure you replace your actual username where it says yourusername in the example above.)
If you are taken to a profile within our site, then your account has not been deleted.
If you are not taken to a profile within our site, but instead, you see a ‘You are attempting to reach a page that does not exist’ message, or you are re-directed to our homepage, then your account has been deleted.

Why was my account deleted?
NOTE: We do not provide specific account deletion information. Common reasons for account deletion are listed here.

How do I delete my account?
Do not use this contact form to attempt to have your account deleted completely. Instead, please send an email directly to us (from the email associated with your account) with your account username and request account deletion. Our email address is:

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